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Find a Therapist - Cheltenham

If you have found this page, I have no doubt you were searching to find a therapist in Cheltenham. I am a Male Counsellor, providing therapy in Cheltenham.

I work in several different ways, largely in person in offices located in Bath St, Cheltenham, but in better weather also via Walk and Talk Therapy, being as we ahve so many pleasant outside spaces near by.

Please have an explore around my website to find out a little more about me, but essentially I am an enthusiastic male counsellor, who is very passionate about the benefits that counselling can provide. Whether that is because you are suffering with poor mental health, from issues such as depression or anxiety or whether it is because of a particular event, change in your life or loss.

I often work with people who are having relationship difficulties, or are suffering from their own low self-esteem, often brought on by difficult childhoods, these are all areas I am comfortable working with. I do not struggle with the more difficult areas of life, so no need to feel anxious about bringing me your darker feelings, I am used to exploring darker areas, such as suicidal feelings, as as well as being a counsellor in my own private practice, I have still work with charities such as The Samaritans, a local addiction charity and also help to run a mens mental health group.

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