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The aim of this section is just to share some sites, information and reading that I have found helpful and you may enjoy also. However, we are all different and what I may find interesting you may not. Some of these things are just things that I have sometimes found coming up with clients and therefore it seems handy to have a place where visitors to this site, or indeed my clients can find information that I may talk about.

Food and Drink
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Jungian Life

Dream analysis

I have covered some basic around the work of Carl Jung in my studies, a little around dream analysis, archetypes, and the process of integrating all the various parts of self but if you really want to have some more in-depth stuff around this fascinating area, then I couldn't recommend the podcast, This Jungian Life highly enough. It is ran by an interesting group of Jungian Analysts and not only is it informative, it is also entertaining.

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The Black Dog

When I was writing a blog post on Depression, I came across this video that I haven't seen for some time and just thought it was incredibly powerful - so I am sharing.

Food and Drink
Food and Drink

Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

I often find that when we are in reflective moments about what our life is all about, creative things: like music, art, poetry, and nature can help us to gain a little understanding. 

Whilst Charles Bukowski is hardly upbeat, I think there is some beauty in the melancholy and thoughtfulness.

Talk Club Men's mental health

Talk Club @ Planet Caravan

Talk Club.Org is a men's mental health charity, encouraging men to talk about their mental health.

Why not join us at Planet Caravan, there is a good group of us.

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