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Walk and Talk Therapy, some thoughts.

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Discover a therapeutic journey tailored to your unique needs. At Therapy with Ben, we believe in the power of flexibility and creativity to cater to your unique needs and create a therapeutic experience tailored to your personal journey.

Most people will agree, one size does not fit all, and we are all a little different when it comes to therapy. Flexibility and creativity with how we go about things is essential to achieving that breakthrough and getting where we want to be. Walk-and-Talk Therapy, has become an increasingly popular alternative to Face-to-Face sessions and of course this is in part to do with the Covid pandemic and necessary changes that were made for counsellors to meet their clients during that time. It is well known that time spent outdoors, and a bit of gentle exercise can have benefits in itself – it can lift our mood simply by being in a natural environment. It will likely be no surprise to you that I am an advocate of it, which is why I offer it as an option. It is commonly believed that exercise can help creativity and of course that can be helpful when we are struggling to find what we want to say. It can happen in a public park or in a more rural setting. This approach of infusing the benefits of fresh air, nature and exercise into the therapy sessions can be really beneficial. Movement, even at a nice leisurely walk, can make it easier for some people to discuss their feelings and open up, the connection with nature can really promote a sense of tranquillity and connection with the world around you, which in turn helps for a better exploration of your emotions during therapy. You may be someone who doesn’t feel as comfortable sat in an office across from their therapist or looking through a screen via a Zoom session. Lots of therapists report the benefits of Walk-and-talk therapy and how it can be an easier experience for some clients. Some people are more at ease in nature, and after all it can be relaxing simply to be out of the house or office, and this improves our ability to open up. Sitting down for a one-on-one conversation in close quarters can be uncomfortable for some people and it can be more comfortable side by side. Is walk-and-talk therapy right for you? Time spent in nature and a change of scenery may be perfect for you, if you find it difficult to be on your feet for an extended period of time, we could always walk for a while, sit on a bench for a while and so on. The joy is that really it can be tailored to the individual and would be discussed in advance. Are there any concerns about walk-and-talk therapy? Aside from any potential physical concerns, the main difference in my mind, is that in the therapy room or online, absolute privacy can be guaranteed and if outside in a public area, there is less control over the privacy of your session. It is of course always possible that you may see someone you know and again, it depends whether you are comfortable with this. Rest assured though, your privacy is the upmost importance, and we would discuss and plan what we would say and how we would handle it should we meet someone. I have deliberately made the sessions slightly longer for walk and talk, to allow for the fact that if someone was too close for privacy we may need a short break in the conversation, although of course we would always be aiming to keep in a space that was comfortable for conversation and not in ear shot of others. If you think it may be of interest to you then please contact me at

Therapy-with-Ben, in whichever way works best for you, as after all it is all about what is the best option for you as an individual.

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