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Counselling Cheltenham

To Find out more about me, please have an explore around the menus or get in touch with me. I am a male counsellor/therapist working in Cheltenham, I provide therapy either face to face, via by walk and talk therapy or if more suitable for you, via online meetings with Google meets.

I am very passionate about therapy and truly believe it can transform people's lives for the better. Whether you want to work with me on issues around your mental health, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or coming to terms with challenging events, then I am happy to help. I also am familiar with working with issues surrounding neurodiversity (myself having ADHD).  I often work with people who simply feel they don't really know who they are, or what they want from life.




Thanks Ben, Therapy-with-Ben Limited / Cheltenham Counselling and Walk & Talk Therapy.

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