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Therapy Cheltenham - if you have arrived at this page, then no doubt you are considering counselling.

Please have a look around the website and feel free to either book in from the bookings page or to contact me by phone or email. I provide Therapy in Cheltenham either from counselling rooms at 10 Bath St, Cheltenham, or by Walk and Talk Therapy or if more convenient for you, then online via Google Meets.

I work with many areas of mental health, depression, anxiety, loss (whether by bereavement or relationship breakdown. I have worked with many people struggling with aspects of being neuro-diverse, and people who are not but are also struggling to work out what they want from life, or wishing to build resilience.

As a counsellor/therapist, I truly believe that as we explore our own personal histories, and connect with our feelings, we start to understand how things impact on us and this in turn helps us deal with things better and gives us more of a sense of direction.

Many aspects of our past will have impacted on who we are and therapy is great for learning to spot these patterns, to be more resilient and more able to cope with the difficulties that life can throw at us. This in turn enables us to have healthier/happier relationships, establish boundaries with others and overall a happier life.

I have worked with many areas and am comfortable exploring difficult areas, so if you have things you are worried about, then I am happy to explore them with you - I know there are things that people don't want to burden their friends, family with but that is an ideal area to explore with a resilient counsellor. I am comfortable with dark feelings, and if you have or having suicidal thoughts etc, then I am comfortable in exploring what is going on for you.

So whether life feels really difficult or you just want some help in working through something you have been having difficulty with, then please contact me - I'll be happy to talk about whether it is something I think I am suited to work with. I am registered with the NCPS and BACP (2 of the largest counselling membership bodies, have the suitable insurance and am a qualified counsellor, so you are in safe hands). 

Thanks, Ben - Therapy-with-Ben Limited, Cheltenham for counselling/therapy needs.

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